Drakeford Lanier


Ekklesia - A Vineyard Church Role: Singer / Songwriter / Touring Independent Artist

Hailing from South Carolina, Drake Lanier is a lyric-driven, thought-provoking songwriter and is the other half of the husband & wife duo known as “Drakeford”. “I didn’t really have any interest in music or songwriting until I became a believer at 13 (actually at a summer camp in Chattanooga!) but when the gospel finally clicked during a time of worship, I developed this insatiable hunger to make music” says Drake.

He and his wife, Lucy-Jayne, met in central Asia while doing mission work and moved to Chattanooga after returning from 3 years abroad. When he’s not hidden away in a room writing, you can find Drake in one of two places: 1) Whichever coffee shop is closest. 2) in his shop making stuff out of wood!