C4 Hixson Role: Worship Leader

Lorie is the Worship Pastor at C4 in Hixson, TN (Chattanooga). She was born in a small town in North Carolina and moved to Tennessee to attend Lee University where she studied Psychology and then Counseling. She met her husband Justin there, who leads alongside her on guitar.

Lorie is what you might call a “born” worship leader. She grew up in the church and has been a part of church leadership for 16 years.  She selflessly gives immeasurable time and energy to the growth of the kingdom. Her voice has a natural ability to pull people into a place of worship, and she leads with a certain grace and elegance that channels the Holy Spirit and empowers those worshiping along side of her. Lorie challenges those around her to dive deeper into their relationship with God, and authentically experience his presence in their lives.