Matt Murr


RockPoint Church Role: Musical Director / Musician

Matt is a 28 year old from Baltimore, MD currently based in Chattanooga, TN. When it comes to putting himself into his work, he loves to do what he does best: help people. Being a part of RockPoint over the past 4 years has strengthened not only his walk with the Lord, but has helped him further his love for people. Being able to lead a team of musicians that create a beautiful atmosphere of worship is one of the most humbling experiences, and has sparked a fire in Matt to worship God’s name. Having a past that made him think that he was unworthy to be loved by anyone, it was the love of Christ, and Jesus meeting Matt right in the middle of his mess, that set him free. That is a truth that he wants to tell through music and worship. That is a truth that will set everyone free.


Here’s a service that Matt directed and played bass for.