Written by Benjamin Shafer, Drakeford Lanier and Matthew Macaulay
CCLI Song CCLI Song #7121255 © Harvester Worship, Centricity Music Publishing, Common Hymnal Publishing, Purple Mustard. All rights reserved. Used by Permission.



Verse 1:

Late in the night He was stripped from the garden
Questioned and beaten and then crucified
His followers fled while the people, they mocked Him
He bore our afflictions as long prophesied


Glory to Jesus for taking our place
Praise to the Father for mercy and grace
Oh, You sent us Your Spirit 'till we meet again
Yours is the (kingdom, power, glory) forever amen

Verse 2:
Then death met its match, no the grave couldn't hold Him
Just like a ghost He appeared to His own
His hurricane Spirit empowered the people
To speak revelation beyond what they know

Verse 3:
Still to this day we are Israel's remnant
Descendants of Abraham blessed by his name
Our royalty sealed by the One who was worthy
The risen Messiah, the Lamb who was slain

All the kingdom, all the power, all the glory is Yours forever